Race Information


Tsukuba City / University of Tsukuba / Ibaraki Athletic Sports Association / The Yomiuri Shimbun

【Supporting Organizations】

Ibaraki Prefecture / Ibaraki Prefectural Board of Education / Tsuchiura City / The Hochi Shimbun

【Managing Organization】

Ibaraki Athletic Sports Association

【Special Sponsor】

Tsukuba Bank


MIZUNO Corporation / Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. / Iias TSUKUBA / The Joyo Bank, Ltd. / SEKISHO CORPORATION / KASUMI Co., Ltd. / Tsukubashi Agricultural Co-operative / Ibaraki Sekisuiheim Co., Ltd. / Photo Create Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Food Co., Ltd. / Kanto Railway Co., Ltd. / PROLOGIS / ZOZO, Inc. / Skymark Airlines Inc. / Tsukubashiyatabe Agricultural Cooperative /Tsukubashi Hotel Ryokan Dougyoukumiai / RISKA Co., Ltd. / Shibanuma Soy Sauce Co., Ltd.


Tsukuba Central Police Station / Tsukuba Kita Police Station / Ibarakinambu Yomiurikai / Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Camp Kasumigaura / Tsuchiura Civil Engineering Office / Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company / Tsukuba Central District Traffic Safety Association / Tsukuba Kita District Traffic Safety Association / Tsukuba Amateur Sports Association / Tsukuba City Sport Promotion Council / Tsukuba Gakuin University / Tsukuba University of Technology / Tsukuba International University / Ryutsu Kezai University / Tsukuba City Board of Education / Tsukuba Fire Department Headquarter / Tsukuba Shuei High School / Tsukuba Tourism Convention Association / Tsukuba City Society of Commerce and Industry / Tsukubashi Bussankai / TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION / IBARAKI TOYOPET co., ltd. / EAST MITSUBISHI MOTOR SALES GROUP / Tsukuba Running Labo / Ushio Lighting, Inc. / Kobayashi Life Create / BREEZE GARDEN / Zagohachi / SPACE ZEROPOINT / National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience

【Medical Cooperators】

University of Tsukuba Sports Association(TSA) / Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital / Teikyo Heisei University / University of Tsukuba Hospital / Tsukuba Gakuen Hospital / University of Tsukuba Laboratory of sports medicine / Ichihara Hospital / NPO JATAC / Wellness Research Center / University of Tsukuba Life-Saving Club / OTAKE Surf Life Saving Club / Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd. / Japan Medical Joggers Association / Ibaraki Judo Therapist Association


November 24th (Sun), 2019


◇Marathon(42.195km) : 9:00a.m.~9:20 a.m.Start
◇10km : 9:55 a.m.Start
* Marathon runners will start running in waves. We will notify specific times for each wave in the future.


Roads surrounding University of Tsukuba (Start) – University of Tsukuba Official Track (Finish) Japan Track & Field certified course


◇Marathon (42.195km) : Runners born before April 1st, 2001
◇10km : Runners born before April 1st, 2004
* Those who meet the age standards above, can complete the marathon under 6 hours, complete the 10km under 75 minutes, and understand/agree to the requirements.


◇Marathon(42.195㎞) : 7,500 JPY
◇10km : 5,000 JPY
* 100 JPY from each entry will be used to save the environment of inside Ibaraki.

【Entry / period】

(First come first serve, will stop accepting entries without notice as soon as it is full)
<How> Web
<Period> From July 7th 2019 (Sun) 8:00 pm to July 29th (Mon) 6:00p.m.
* If this is the first time you are using JTB sports station, you need to complete the process of new membership registration in advance. Please apply for this event after you have completed this process.
* Please note that completing new membership registration does not automatically register you into Tsukuba Marathon 2019.

Please click here for the official entry


◇Marathon(42.195㎞) : 15,300
◇10㎞ : 3,200


We will be holding a fundraiser for pre-sale and general entries through the web. Donations start at 500 JPY per account and you can choose to donate as much as you wish. Funds will be used as relief money for the Great East Japan Earthquake, Kumamoto earthquake, and as part of the Tsukuba Children's Blue Feather Fund.
* You can specify which one you want to donate to and how much when entering.

【Novelty item】

All participants will receive an original goods or local specialties as a novelty item.
* You can choose the item you want at the time of entry.


Regulations of this year’s JAAF and Tsukuba Marathon will be applied.


The first 8 runners to finish the marathon and the 10km race will be recognized in all categories, man, and woman.
There will be recognitions after the event for the first 8 runners by age group, including 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70+ for both men and women.


To avoid confusion at the start line and to ensure safety, there will be time limits for runners registered to start from the JAAF area. If you do not qualify for the JAAF registration area, you will be asked to start from the same area as general runners based on your time.
Also, in this case, divide the area registered in the Athletic Federation into two areas and place them in the first area of the first wave and the second wave, respectively. Please check the following ② for limit of each time.
JAAF registration area time limit
○ Athletic Federation Registration Area I
  Marathon=~3:15:00 / 30km Road race=~2:15:00 /
  Half Marathon=~1:30:00
○ Athletic Federation Registration Area Ⅱ
  Marathon=3:15:01~3:30:00 / 30km Road race=2:15:01~2:20:00 /
  Half Marathon=1:30:01~1:35:00
(Record must be from a JAAF certified course hosted from June 8th 2017 to June 7th 2019)
JAAF registration number
  Registered runners
    Enter registration number from 2019.
    If you leave it blank, you will be registered as a general runner.
    You cannot register with a 2018 number.
  General runners
    You do not need to enter a registration number.
Submitting a record certification (Marathon only)
  JAAF registered runners
    Those who wish to start from the JAAF area, please submit a copy of your record certification from a JAAF certified race held from June 8th 2017 to June 7th 2019 to prove your record.
    Non-marathon records from 30km road races, or half-marathons are acceptable as well.
    Please scan the certificate or take a photo of it and send it to us through the submission form by August 5th (Mon) after submitting your entry.
The submission form https://www.tsukuba-marathon.com/submission.html
    If you fail to submit the forms on time, you will start from the same area as general runners.
    Gross time must be used for records.
    Once you have submitted your time, you cannot make changes. Please make sure that the time submitted matches the copy of the certification.
    If you do not have a record that meets the JAAF area standards, you cannot start from the JAAF area. However, you can enter as a JAAF registered runner. In this case, you do not need to submit a copy of your “Record certification”.You do not need to show it on the back number card either.
Registering predicted time of completion
  General runners and JAAF runners (excluding record holders that qualify for the JAAF starting area) must register a prediction time of completion when registering for a marathon or 10km race. There is no need to send the “record certification”.
  * Please register a realistic time. If you cannot keep up with the rest of the group, you may cause trouble for others or get hurt.
  You cannot use abbreviations for your team/position names such as (incorporated foundation), (Inc.), (Co., Ltd), (Limited company).
  Registered runners
    Those registered to JAAF as a group/team
Please enter the name of your group registered to JAAF in 2019 using 7 characters or less.
    Those registered to JAAF as an individual user
Please enter the name registered to JAAF in 2019 using 7 characters or less.
    If you use a different name from the name registered to JAAF, you will be registered as a general runner.
  General runner
    Please enter the name of your group registered to JAAF in 2019 using 7 characters or less. If the host feels the name disturbs public order and standards of decency, you may be asked to change the name.
If you leave this field blank, the name of your city/town in Ibaraki Prefecture or the name of the prefecture for outsiders will be used.

【Competition method】

Lining up for the start
Guest runners will be in the front row and other runners will be lined up in the order of A/B regardless of sex.
  A Registered runners (2 number cards).
Even if you are a registered runner, if you cannot submit a record certificate, you will start from the same block as general runners.
  B General runners (1 number card). Start from specified blocks based on time.
  * If you are late, you will be asked to start from the last row regardless of A/B.
To avoid confusion upon start, runners will start running in waves of 3-4 (by time) for marathon (42.195 km) races. We will notify specific times for each wave in the future
When out-bound runners and in-bound runners use the same course, in-bound runners will be prioritized. Out-bound runners will be expected to follow instructions given by the organizing committee.
Closing time for gates
There will be 5 gates in the following locations to ensure the safety of runners and unlock traffic regulations smoothly. You will not be able to continue the race after the gates are closed.

1st Gate : 9km point   10:40a.m.
2nd Gate : 18.5km point  12:00p.m.
3rd Gate : 24.6km point  12:50p.m.
4th Gate : 29.9km point  1:35p.m.
5th Gate : 34.9km point  2:15p.m.
  Distance will be displayed every 1km. After the “5km left” mark, the sign will show the distance left.
  If a runner is expected not to make the next gate after passing the previous gate, the organizing committee may ask the runner to stop.
  If the 10 km runner decides to use the same course as the marathon (42.195 km) runner (if the marathon runner catches up with the 10 km runner), the marathon runner will take precedence. Please follow the directions of the officials for the 10 km runner.
  In case of an emergency such as an accident or fire, emergency vehicles may enter the course. Please follow instructions given by the police/fire fighters/organizing committee.
  Guest runners will be chosen by the organizing committee.
  Support runner for visually impaired runners do not need to submit an entry, but please make sure others know that you are a support runner. Please refer to the JBMA regulations.

【Race regulations】

You cannot change or cancel the race after registration. If you accidentally make overpayments or double payments, there will be no refunds.
If the race gets limited/cancelled due to uncontrollable factors such as earthquakes, wind/water disasters, snow, incidents, diseases, and so on, entry fees will not be refunded.
Please train appropriately for the race and get a health check-up beforehand to attend the race in good condition.
If the committee decides a runner may no longer continue the race, the runner may be asked to stop. Please follow instructions given by the staff. If there are other instructions regarding safety, please obey them.
If a runner gets injured during the race, the host will provide emergency treatment.
If you are told to stop the race by a medical staff, please follow the instructions.
There will be accident insurance coverage.
When entering the race, please get approval from your family members/guardian (if you are under-aged) or team members (if you are entering as a leader of a group).
There are no regulations regarding uniforms. But if the host decides that it disturbs public order and standards of decency, the runner may be asked to change.
If the runner provides false age/sex/other information or gets somebody else to run the race, it will not be permitted.
Please follow the manners and be respectful to other runners, volunteers, and residents living around the course.
If a runner fails to meet standards shown in ⑩・⑪, the runner may be asked to exit the race, have their trophies revoked, or not be permitted to participate in next year's race.
We may use personal information such as names, age, sex, portraits, and more in our videos, photos, articles, newspapers, TV, posters, programs, and more. The host reserves all the right to use these information.
We will handle all personal information in compliance with the regulations shown below.

【Handling personal information】

The host recognizes the importance of personal information and will handle them in accordance with the law for the protection of personal information and other related laws.
Names of completed runners, age, city/town, and records will be kept as long as the race exists, and they may be released to TV, newspapers, magazines, and online.
Information registered upon entry will be used to check information, send notifications, assess data, and send notifications for the next race.
Name, age, and affiliation will be posted on the race program.
Other information registered upon entry will be discarded as soon as the entry for the next race begins.
Please contact the organizing committee office (runner@tsukuba-marathon.com) for any further questions.

【Shuttle bus】

Tsukuba Express: There will be a shuttle bus departing from Kenkyugakuen Station. (260 JPY one way)
JR Joban Line: There will be a shuttle bus departing from Tsuchiura station East exit. (610 JPY one way)
JR Tokyo: There will be a direct marathon bus. (Reservation required: Yomiuri Travel Agency Otemachi Office +81-3-6202-4350)
  ※Shuttle bus fee may change.